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1904 Sandgate Road, Virginia, Queensland, 4014, Australia

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A visit to Johnny's Furniture can save you a lot of time and money, prevent you making decisions you may later regret and ensure you get the best possible deal. One of the biggest advantages of a visit is that you have access to our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Although our website will answer many of your questions, provide useful guides and give access to live chat, it isn't the same as being able to speak to someone face-to-face. Our staff are there to help and will answer your questions, provide practical advice, help with your design ideas and provide plenty of ideas of their own.

Our staff are there to help rather than make a nuisance of themselves so they won't press you, rush you or otherwise make you feel uncomfortable. We want you to be able to make a decision at your own pace and we want that decision to be in your own best interests. So come along to see us in Gold Coast furniture showroomSunshine Coast furniture showroom or our Virginia showroom and we'll give you all the help we can with no obligation.