2022 Design Trends

Posted on December 21 2021

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As 2021 winds down and we look towards 2022 we all hope that the Coivd-coaster is coming to an end. However, the effects of more time at home and working from home are likely to stick around and influence everything from holidaying abroad to population trends, career choices to home design and decorating.

We have put together a guide of interior styling trends set to feature in 2022 that you can achieve easily and affordably.

For several years there has been a big trend towards sustainable, organic and natural home design. This trend is here to stay with some people using indoor plants, wallpaper and paint with earthy tones or built-in fireplaces to try to achieve an eco-inspired look. Another way to achieve this is to be selective when purchasing furniture. Avoid using any items that are predominantly plastic, instead opt for items that are timber, stone or have fabrics in natural shades. Warm tones, like those found in the Frasier and Xavier ranges, are definitely more on trend and will bring a calm, serene vibe to your home. Or if you want to make a subtle statement, our new marble topped Nepal range has strong, clean lines. A huge benefit is that you will ensure the design of your home doesn’t date quickly. You can add personal touches of colour, pattern and style through smaller items such as cushions, rugs, artwork and decor; particularly on trend for these accents will be greens of all hues.

The trend toward minimalism will continue, and this will marry well with the Covid-born trend towards spaces and furniture that have multiple functions. Furniture with in-built storage or modular sofas will help you stay organised and adaptable. At Johnny’s we have several items that serve more than one purpose: coffee tables, beds, and sofas. The key here is being purposeful when planning furniture and keeping the clutter under control, this will ensure that what you do choose will shine.

Rounded edges
There is definitely still a trend towards furniture with rounded lines and edges. Two great, but stylistically different, examples of this trend are our Monique accent chair and Megginson swivel chair. They are great options if you want to add something from the latest trends without replacing all your furniture. Another example is the Rope dining chair where the back of the chair curves around to form the armrests. Curved furniture items bring a softer, feminine, more inviting feel to a room.

Love Your Home
While it’s sometimes nice to shop within the trends, here at Johnny’s we want you to love your home. We will always encourage you to select those items that suit your personal tastes and needs so that your home can be functional, comfortable and loveable.