Need a 6 Seater Modular Lounge?

Two chairs and maybe a footstool can be all some households need most of the time, but when you've got company, suddenly that can look a bit lacking. If you have people around occasionally, you don't want to go asking the neighbours if you can borrow a couple of chairs and a 2 seater sofa. And anyway, a bit of nice furniture makes a room look more friendly. Cosier and more welcoming. So how about a 6 seater modular lounge with two recliners? You can be the lords or ladies of the manor all year round and when guests arrive unexpectedly you've got plenty of comfortable seating for them too.

Perhaps a 6 seater modular lounge with chaise would be even better, so you can put your feet up and relax in style - and the fact that it's modular means you can make it fit into most rooms.

Don't need to go that far? Have a look at our large modular sofas and see if one of those might do the trick. We have a wide range of styles from contemporary to the time-honoured classics, so we are confident you will find something that suits your home. Whatever floats your boat, as they say.

How to Browse and Order? It Couldn't Be Simpler

You will find good quality pictures of our couch recliners here on the website, so you can get a clear idea of what would suit your colour schemes and your existing furniture. As for the configuration - the way the individual units are put together - that's up to you. Try it one way and if that's not quite right, move things around and try it again. A 6 seater modular lounge with recliner can fit in a surprisingly small space if you're clever with how you set it up.

As for delivery, you can use click and collect, so you choose, pay and nip down to one of our stores to pick it up. For larger purchases, such as an 8 seater modular lounge with a recliner , you may need to have it delivered, in which case you just fill in your postcode and we'll give you a price for the delivery.

On a budget? So are We

We pride ourselves on offering the best value you'll find, so we choose Johnny's Furniture ranges carefully and we also keep our own house in order, so we can pass on savings to our customers. Value for money, that's the name of the game for us. We want you to have furniture you're proud of, but we don't want you to break the bank in the process.

Get it on Finance? Sure

Whether you're just setting up home or doing a big revamp that will involve a lot of acquisitions, we understand furniture can require a hefty outlay. For that reason, we partner with Latitude Financial, with interest-free periods depending on the cost and the payment period. Customers simply apply for a Latitude Gem Visa credit card and once that's arranged, you're in business.