Style and Comfort is Yours with the Right Corner Lounge Suites

Contemplating whether a 2 seater corner sofa would suit your space? Our diverse selection at Johnny's Furniture spans a range from generously proportioned to elegantly compact, catering to various room sizes. Unwind without compromising on comfort. Given their incredible versatility, corner sofas seamlessly integrate into various spots within your living room. The classic placement, snugly fitting into the corner against two walls, stands out as the obvious choice. This arrangement provides ample space to unwind and liberates room for additional furnishings.

Blend comfort seamlessly with elegance by opting for corner lounge suites - a brilliant option to maximise your living room's spatial potential. Beyond their unparalleled comfort, our L shaped sofas redefine relaxation, inviting you to sprawl out and lounge in comfort.

How to Decide Between a Leather or Fabric Corner Lounge

Our range caters to every living area, irrespective of size, style, or layout. When deciding on the material for your corner sofa, you're presented with two primary options: leather or fabric. Opting for a leather corner sofa boasts robustness, longevity, and easy cleaning, ideal for growing families or busy households. The resilience of leather paired with its timeless elegance makes it a popular choice. If you're looking for ultimate comfort and a touch of luxury, the Columbus is a fantastic option. Featuring a large corner lounge with 2 electric recliners, it's made with 100% leather and is available in black or light grey. Boasting ultimate style and durability, you can enjoy the added convenience and comfort of built in cupholders and a wireless charger station.

Conversely, a fabric corner lounge is a great family friendly option, offering durability and versatility whether you're looking to build a cosy haven or desire a sleek, modern ambience. Fabric offers a broader range of colours, patterns, and designs, allowing you to match them with your décor. Fabric sofas often cost less than leather alternatives, providing both style and affordability.If this interests you, the Paige range is one of our top selling sofas for a variety of reasons. The Paige sectional enables you to build your own configuration, including corner lounge suites. Available in bark light or cobalt fabric, this modern design looks and feels excellent. Upholstered in a resilient, A-grade fabric with a duck down, pillow top cushioning you can enjoy supreme comfort every day.

Enhance Your Living Space with a Corner Chaise

Corner sofas are incredibly versatile, accommodating a variety of configurations depending on your preferences. Synonymous with contemporary living, L shaped sofas embody comfort and efficiency. With options like a corner chaise or 8 seater modular lounge with recliner, adaptability is at your fingertips.

Explore our selection of corner sofas and sofas with a chaise lounge for a savvy space saving solution. When ample seating is a must, 3 seater recliner sofas are the ultimate choice. The Watson is an ideal choice for bigger spaces. Available in LHF or RHF chaise corner lounge with a double sleeper, it's a versatile addition that comes in handy for guests. With durable, simple to clean rhino suede fabric, a chaise and additional ottoman storage, pull out sofa bed and more, this offers everything you could want.