Is your home ready for Christmas?

Posted on November 16 2021

Christmas Meal

The forecast is looking promising for large gatherings in our homes for Christmas this year. Whether it be with new neighbourhood lockdown friends, interstate visitors, family you missed during lockdown (or perhaps family you didn’t miss that much), most of us will find ourselves hosting a festive event soon.

It’s time to look around and assess the toll months of lockdown have taken on your home. Perhaps your dining set, which has doubled as a school or kindergarten workspace, is looking stained and sad. Or maybe your sofa has a permanent divet where the teenager has camped for Netflix or gaming.

At Johnny’s furniture we think everyone should love their home and coming up to Christmas we can help you be ready for all your special occasions.

Unwrapping Christmas presents around the tree will be a cosy, comfortable, convenient event with one of our elegant and luxurious sofas. Some of our most popular sofas, for a number of years, have been the Paige and the Davenport ranges. Both are extremely comfortable and stylish, however the best feature is the variety of configurations that are available. Maybe you want a corner sofa, or a chaise, or maybe you want a dual chaise, there is sure to be an option that suits your home. These sofas are versatile and will guarantee your family isn’t squashed next to each other on a steamy Christmas afternoon.

If you’re not expecting a huge crowd, or you have a slightly smaller space then the Oscar range is a fantastic option. The very on-trend aesthetic is sure to impress visitors now and keep you comfortable for years to come. If you’re after something even more luxurious, our leather Mayfair range, in either black or brown, is probably for you. The leather will be hard-wearing, and spills from guests can easily be wiped up. With the option of an ottoman or armchair, it provides flexibility for any home.

Does your family alternate who hosts Christmas lunch? Is it your turn this year and you’re just now realising that someone is bringing a new partner or child, or both? To ensure guests aren’t eating Christmas lunch on their laps, check out our most popular dining chairs. Available in 3 colours, the Cottage chair is the perfect all-rounder. There’s no fabric, making it extremely easy to clean, plus the style will fit in well with scandi, Hamptons, traditional or modern. The Rope dining chair is popular for similar reasons: it is well-designed to suit many homes as well as being highly functional. For a little more sophistication, the Victoria chair is one of our most popular fabric covered dining chairs. Available in 2 colour options, these are very durable and will last well beyond this round of Christmas festivities.

The team at Johnny’s Furniture wish everyone a very merry and safe Christmas. We hope you enjoy having friends and family in your home again.