Let Us Entertain You

Posted on December 22 2021

Let Us Entertain You


While you’re watching TV it’s probably rare to think about what is holding it up. However the reality is that if you decide to put a TV in a room you will orient every other piece of furniture in that room, especially the seating, so that it is the focal point. Thus whatever furniture you use to support your TV becomes an unmissable feature of the design, aesthetic and style of your home. 

At Johnny’s we have several options for quality, timber entertainment units to suit various sized budgets and homes. We also have some non-traditional items that can function as a TV stand for those with unique spaces. Below is a rundown of what options you have from the largest to the smallest. 

Traditional Entertainment Unit

If you have a very large lounge or family room and need storage space and room for consoles or other entertainment devices you need a granddaddy of an entertainment unit, and we have several available with a width of 220cm: the Von Daniken, the Caladan and the Chamberlain. Each is sectioned into 2 cupboards and 2 console shelves and like all our entertainment units have cut outs in the back panel for cords and wires. 

Smaller Entertainment Unit

If you need something slightly smaller, the Frasier, the Xavier and the Wellington ranges have 200cm wide options. The Wellington is our most unique entertainment unit in style and design, featuring 3 console spaces and 3 drawers to hide away games, controls and other digital clutter. 

Several of the ranges mentioned above come in smaller versions if that’s what you need. The Caladan and Chamberlain have 180cm wide options. While the Frasier and Xavier have even smaller 160 cm wide units. 

Slimline & Alternative Options

For those wanting even smaller options, that are slimmer or shorter, we have some creative suggestions for other items that could be used as a TV stand. The Caladan and Chamberlain ranges have coffee tables with dimensions similar to a shorter, narrower TV unit. Yes, you will have to sacrifice console space, but you still get 2 ample drawers for any gear you want to hide. 

We also think one of our console tables will suit some families who need to be really wise regarding space. With a depth of between 35 and 40 cm these slim tables would serve well as a TV stand in a secondary living space. 

Our most creative solution would be one of our benches, categorised as seating, these units are essentially very slim, short tables. They measure between 32 and 42 cm in depth, have a variety of widths, and at 45cm in height they are a great option for a unique and minimalist entertainment stand.