Loving Your Home When You Can’t Leave It

Posted on September 07 2021

Love your home - Mother and children on sofa


At Johnny’s Furniture we want you to ‘love your home’. Over half of Australians are currently under extended lockdown and the idea of still being in love with your home is almost laughable. We recognise that many families are doing it tough financially at the moment and that furniture upgrades might have to be put on hold until after lockdown. So we’ve come up with some suggestions to help you change your current home while in lockdown.



Try re-orienting furniture such as your couch, desk, bed or dining table. This could give you a different view to look out on when you eat, work or wake up. It doesn’t have to be forever, but a change like this during lockdown will help you feel rejuvenated, especially if you take the opportunity to clear away the dust bunnies and cobwebs. 

Rearranging is a great idea for the kids’ bedrooms too. Put the bed against a different wall or change up what’s on the bookshelves or toy shelves. Kids love cosy nooks, can you engineer some sort of blanket fort in one corner?



While you’re moving furniture around, look at what’s on your walls and shelves. It’s probably time to finally put up those wedding or holiday photos. You might move artwork around the house, support your local florist by buying a bunch of flowers or put up some fairy lights for a cosy vibe. You might even create a wall for the kids to put up their homeschooling and kinder artwork.



Some of us have got a lot more time on our hands during lockdown and it’s a great idea to get on to those decluttering and re-organising tasks that have been procrastinated. If you missed the KonMari wave a few years ago, now is the perfect time to honestly and thoroughly examine the contents of your wardrobe, linen cupboard, garage and spare room and decide what is worth holding on to and what you will never wear, use or need post-lockdown. 

Because we’re in our homes all the time, our kitchens are being used more than ever. The pantry and fridge are often overlooked. Spend an hour taking everything out, giving surfaces good wipe down and then only put back things that are still in date. Or even better, pay your kids to do it. This goes for the bathroom and laundry cupboards too. 

Finally, a big thank you to our customers who have been supporting our smallish, Australian-owned business.  For those who have been purchasing in-store (where possible), on the phone, or online, we thank you for your support.