Recline, Relax and Renew

Posted on May 03 2022

Pacey Recliner

Since the introduction of reclining upholstered chairs in the 1920s thousands have been sold and there is now evidence that the benefits of using recliners are real and tangible for a variety of demographics. There are direct benefits for elderly people, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and children, who love to cuddle up and read in one. Doctors recognise that use of recliners reduces stress and that the elevation of legs and feet addresses specific issues and symptoms. 

While the health benefits are there, we all want our living spaces to be stylish and on trend. Fortunately, design has advanced and progressed so it is possible to have reclining chairs and sofas that enhance the aesthetic of your home. 

We’ll run you through a few of the options we have at Johnny’s, but keep in mind that most of our recliners have electric functions, are ‘prius-quiet’, ensuring there is no disturbance to others’ viewing or sleeping. 

Our newest recliner options, the Flynn and Pacey ranges, are moderate-sized sofas and prove that now, any home can accommodate a recliner. Both of these ranges are well-suited to apartment living, units, or retreat spaces. The Pacey 2-seater would be fantastic for a retired couple who are downsizing. 

For those with a bit more space to fill we have several large L-shaped sofas that incorporate recliners. The Bradford and Franklin are all built for luxury, relaxation and family living. With added features like cup holders, lights and in-built storage, any would be a great addition to a theatre or media room, or a large living space. 

Or course there are those who need the benefits of a recliner, but are not wanting to replace their entire sofa. We have a selection of single reclining armchairs that could be added to a living space, bedroom or study. The Justin and Wilson armchairs are both incredibly relaxing and the dark rhino suede fabric is durable and soft. The Justin is the only recliner we have which uses a manual reclining function, this means it does not need to be positioned near a power source.

If you still need convincing, come in-store and try one or our recliners yourself. We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the easy of use, near-silent functions and stylish options. But fair warning, if you fall asleep while testing we’ll consider the item sold!


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