Get your dining set up sorted with the 4 S's

Posted on March 04 2021

Caladan Limited Edition - Dining Table

We ask so much of our homes. They not only need to function as a place for our families to come back to at the end of the day, but they may also need to function as a workplace, a restaurant, an entertainment zone, a pseudo school or (heaven help you) a kindergarten. 

The dining areas of our homes are particularly high-use areas and it is really worthwhile to take the time to consider how you can optimise the space you have. As with all areas of design you first need to consider how the space is used and what you want from it. Once you know the who, when, and what of the function you can begin to consider the four S’s of dining set selection: Size, Space, Style and Seating Options.


Dining tables are often marketed to consumers relative to the number of seats they can accommodate. So a 4, 6, 8 or 10 seater. This can be confusing as it doesn’t give you an accurate indication of the size of the table. In all honesty, there is no standard sizing (as there is with beds), but we can give a guide. The table below will give you a rough idea of the dimensions of the types of tables you might find. 


Rectangular (length)

Circular (diameter)