Why are you waiting to king-size your bed?

Posted on February 03 2021

Sleep is important

Too often we underestimate the impact our sleep has on our lives. In a scholarly article about the connection between our sleep and the strength of our relationships, researchers wrote:impaired sleep adversely affects the ability to regulate emotions and behavioural responses to interpersonal situations suggesting a bi-directional association between sleep and the social environment.

In layman’s terms: bad sleep means bad decisions. The worse your sleep is the less you are able to control your emotions and responses, especially involving other people. 

This is probably not a huge surprise to anyone who has experienced prolonged sleep deprivation or worked in a job that requires you to do overnight shifts. Our sanity, the quality of our relationships, and our happiness depend on getting good sleep. So is well worth the time and effort investing in the most crucial area of our homes - the bedroom. 


How did you get where you are?

Many young couples when they move in together will upgrade to a queen-size bed. They might go out and acquire a lovely on-trend bedroom suite with the frame, side tables, even a tall-boy or dresser if their bedroom has space for it. They make the v