Why Chaise Lounges in Sydney are so Popular

Chaise lounges first appeared in France in the sixteenth century and were largely seen to be a status symbol for the wealthier members of the population. The fact that they’re still so popular today is due to their elegance, comfort and supreme practicality.

A chaise lounge was originally designed as a day bed so that people could relax through the day without having to return to their bedroom. Now they’re still perfect for providing relaxation and a chaise lounge in Sydney is a must-have for many households.

Chaise or Sofa in Sydney — What’s the Difference?

A chaise translates into English as simply a ‘long chair’ and that’s basically what it is. It’s designed for relaxing with a person leaning against a back at one end and with legs stretched out along an extended base. A chaise lounge will typically have a back and armrest at one end and then no sides running along its length.

Whereas a chaise lounge is essentially a chair that’s intended for one person, a sofa is designed for use by several occupants with an armrest at each end and a back running along its complete length. Sofas, therefore, tend to be longer than chaise lounges and may be available in two or more seater versions.

Chaise lounges come in different forms, ranging from a single chair with a long footstool to two chairs with a footstool between to a chaise with two raised ends. They’re also now available in contemporary and traditional styles so you can choose one that suits your room style and décor.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Chaise Lounge in Sydney for Sale

Whether you want a lounge chair in Sydney or a more conventional sofa will depend on your particular circumstances. A chaise lounge will be smaller than a sofa, even a two-seater version, and so will be perfect in a room where space is limited. You can combine it with a chair or a small sofa to provide the seating combination you need.

A chaise lounge can create balance in a small space or can provide additional seating when added to a chair and sofa combination in a larger room. It can also be part of a sectional sofa, allowing you to create any seating arrangement that meets your needs.

We have a wide range of chaise lounges in both traditional and modern styles. They’re also available in different colours, patterns and materials so you can choose one that matches your décor and your needs.

Leather and suede materials will provide that touch of class while fabric gives you the option of a variety of patterns. Fabric is also easy to clean and maintain while all materials are durable and will keep your chaise lounge looking good for many years.

The ability to choose different combinations of chairs, dining table bench seat, sofas and chaise lounges plus other furniture items that we offer means you can create exactly the impression you want and provide the comfortable seating you need. A chaise lounge, due to its elegant lines, will often be the focal point of any room and be an important part of your furniture scheme.